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Association Certification Terms

Association Certification Terms

Law Chocolatier Association Certification Terms and Conditions

The Law Chocolatier Association Certification Course Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") defines various certification courses (hereinafter referred to as the "Course") provided by the Low Chocolatier Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association"). .. This agreement applies to all individuals or corporations (hereinafter collectively referred to as "students") who take this course. In addition, when attending this course, the content described on the website of the Association shall also form part of this agreement. By applying for this course, the student is deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of this agreement. Those who do not agree to these terms cannot take this course.

Article 1 (Definition)
The definitions of terms used in this agreement shall be as set forth in each of the following items.
(1) "This course" refers to the certification qualifications of this association, and consists of assignment examination and online training.
(2) "Assignment examination" means the submission of all assignment works by the Association to the students.
(3) "Online training" means that this course is offered to students by using the web conferencing system "Zoom", the communication application "LINE", or communication services such as videos separately designated by the association. This is the "class" to be conducted.
(4) "Granting condition" means the condition for the association to permit the students to open the accredited school, and the condition is the case where the association has passed the assignment examination and the association has approved the completion of the course. increase.
(5) "Certified instructor" means a "classroom that is opened and operated" that is licensed to students who meet the conditions granted by the Association.
(6) "Training period" means the period of 6 months from the time when the association approves the application.
(7) "Tuition fee" means the cost required to attend this course paid by the student to the Association.
(8) "Teaching materials" are texts, resumes, blackboards, and text, audio, and image information recorded in connection with this course (photo-directed video tapes, smartphones, mobile phones, DVDs, CDs). Regardless of what kind of medium such as ROM or other media)
(9) "This course" means a qualification course designated by the Association.
(10) "Confidential information" means the contents and methods of this course, the contents of teaching materials, the information and know-how obtained by taking this course, and all other business secrets and know-how of this association. It means all the information that the student has learned in connection with.
(11) "Boryokudan members, etc." are gangsters, gangsters, persons who have not been members of gangsters for less than 5 years, quasi-members of gangsters, companies related to gangsters, general assembly shops, social movements, etc. It is a general term for intelligent violent groups and other similar persons.

Article 2 (Conclusion of attendance contract)
1. Students who wish to take this course must agree to these terms and apply according to the procedures prescribed by the Association.
2. The Association will accept the application specified in the preceding paragraph unless the Association determines that the following applies.
With this consent, this course attendance contract (hereinafter referred to as "this contract") shall be established. In addition, our association may refuse the application. We will not disclose the reason for consenting ① If there is a risk of performing an act that falls under the prohibited acts stipulated in Article 21 ② If you do not meet the qualifications stipulated in Article 3
3 If you have violated this agreement in the past ④ In addition, if we judge that it is inappropriate to accept the application

Article 3 (Eligibility)
Qualifications for this course are those who are 20 years of age or older, who can read, write, and speak Japanese, and who can act and speak sensiblely.

Article 4 (this course)
1. This course is based on the content of the assignment examination and the course.
2. The association will change the content, price, name, curriculum, design, teaching method, materials used of this course after notifying the students in advance in consideration of trends, social conditions, management / economic conditions, etc. Or it can be terminated. However, if the charge is changed or terminated, it shall be done after the agreement of the contracting parties.
3. The Association shall grant the student the right to open and operate the accredited course if the student meets the grant conditions and finds it appropriate to operate the accredited course. After the rights are granted, you can open and operate an accredited school in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

Article 5 (Implementation of subject examination)
1. The Association shall examine the assignments for the students.
2. The assignment examination in the preceding paragraph shall be carried out by the students creating a work, sending it to the Association by the prescribed method, and having the classroom judge the pass / fail of the created work. The association shall notify the students of the pass / fail result by e-mail or LINE after the pass / fail judgment. If you do not pass the test, please recreate it and submit it.
3. If the student has taken all the lessons prescribed in this course at the accredited school, the student will be asked to examine the assignment.
4. The assignment examination in the preceding paragraph is based on the fact that the student sends the image of the work produced in this course by the student to the association, and the association makes a pass / fail judgment from the image of the work. Suppose. If it fails, it will be submitted again.

5. When submitting an assignment, it is mandatory to post with # (hashtag) unless there is a valid reason. If there are special reasons such as restrictions on the office to which you belong, you will be required to submit an exemption notice.

Article 6 (online training)
1. This course is a web conferencing system "Zoom" provided by Zoom Video Communications Inc, a communication app "LINE" provided by LINE Corporation, or a service separately designated by the Association (hereinafter collectively referred to as "provided system"). It is provided using).
2. Participants prepare the equipment (personal computer, webcam, application, etc.), software, communication line, etc. necessary for using the provided system at their own risk and expense in advance, and prepare the functions of the provided system in advance. Confirmation and connection test shall be performed. In addition, we shall comply with each agreement and guideline regarding the provision system. In addition, we do not make inquiries about the provided system.
3. Students shall take security measures (including prevention of virus infection, unauthorized access and information leakage) at their own risk and expense.
4. The Association shall send the texts necessary for attending this course to the pre-students. If the text is damaged during shipping, we will replace it with a replacement free of charge at our expense.
5. The Association shall not be liable if the course cannot be conducted due to the provided system or the usage environment of the students. In addition, we shall not be liable for any malfunction of the function of the provided system itself.

Article 7 (Tuition fee)
The fees required to take this course (hereinafter referred to as "tuition fees") include the following fees. Assignment examination fee, course fee, instructor certification fee.

Article 8 (Payment of tuition fee)
Students will be required to pay the tuition fee by wire transfer or credit card payment to the designated bank account within 6 days from the date of establishment of this contract. In addition, the tuition fee will be paid only in a lump sum, and the installment payment will not be supported in principle.

Article 9 (Refund of tuition fee)

The Association will not refund the tuition fee to the students for any reason unless the Association violates Article 22 (1) or (2) or the default of the Association is obvious.

Article 10 (Training)
The date of attending this course shall be decided after mutual consultation with the contracting parties.

Article 11 (Services provided by certified instructors)
Students can provide the following to students as accredited instructors (hereinafter, students who take services at accredited schools are referred to as "students"). However, the Association may give instructions or guidance that it deems necessary regarding the specific content of the services provided and the operation of certified instructors, and the students shall follow the instructions or guidance.
(1) One-off lessons (face-to-face lessons and online lessons) that can be completed once (hereinafter referred to as "one-shot lessons") It shall be possible to set to. It is not possible to hold a recipe posted in a qualification course or a course or course that seems to be clearly imitated by the student's own one-off lesson content.

Article 12 (Provision of necessary items)
Items (teaching materials, tools) required for one-off lessons shall be prepared by each certified instructor.

Article 13 (Payment of consideration)
Students are required to pay the transfer fee to the designated bank account within 7 days from the date of establishment of the contract by concluding a qualification course attendance contract with the student at the accredited school. increase.

Article 14 (Posted on HP)
1. The association will post the certified instructors operated by the students on the association's website.
2. When a student opens a homepage, blog, or SNS (Instagram ㆍ Twitter ㆍ Facebook ㆍ LIN E, YouTube, etc.) about a certified instructor, the expression indicating that he / she is a certified instructor of the association is separately instructed by the association. It shall be displayed in a recognizable size on the top page of the site or in an easy-to-understand place. In addition, if the student gives necessary instructions or guidance regarding the posted content, etc. of the Association, the posted content, etc. shall be revised or changed in accordance with the instructions or guidance of the Association.

3. If it is difficult to post the contents of Article 14, Paragraphs 1 and 2 due to restrictions on the office to which you belong, sponsors, etc. due to work reasons, you shall submit an exemption notification to the Association.

Article 15 (Correspondence of complaints, etc.)
Students shall resolve complaints from students and other troubles and accidents related to the operation of certified instructors at their own expense and responsibility, and the Association shall be responsible for these due to the intentional or gross negligence of the Association. We do not take any responsibility except in some cases. In addition, the student must promptly report to the association when he / she receives a complaint from the student to the association. The Association will resolve the claim at its own expense and responsibility if the claim is due to reasons attributable to the Association.

Article 18 (Caution and guidance by our association)
If the Association determines that a student has performed an act that is disadvantageous to the Association or an accredited school, the Association shall give instructions to the student, and the student shall follow the instruction and give the student the instruction. On the other hand, necessary caution or guidance shall be given.


Article 19 (Intellectual Property)
1. The copyright of all works provided by the Association to the students in connection with this contract shall belong to the Association, and the students shall obtain the written permission of the Association for the works. Do not use (refer to, but not limited to, duplication, modification, public transmission, etc.) based on copyright law without permission.
2. When a student creates an invention, device or design based on the information or technology provided or known by the association, the association shall be notified immediately, and the association and the student shall be informed. Immediately after the notification, the matters deemed necessary or appropriate shall be determined after discussing the attribution of the right to receive the invention, device or design based on the creation of the invention, utility model registration or design registration, and the implementation conditions.

Article 20 (Cancellation of this contract)

If the other party violates any of the provisions of this agreement, the association or the student shall oblige the other party to set a reasonable period of about 10 days as a violation correction period, unless otherwise provided in this agreement. If the performance is not performed within the relevant period, all or part of this contract may be canceled as a matter of course after the lapse of the relevant period.

2. The Association or the students may immediately cancel all or part of this contract without any notice or notification if the other party falls under any of the following items.

(1) When any of the following Article 1 or Article 22 Paragraph 1 or 2 is violated

(2) When our classroom determines that we are not qualified as an instructor at an accredited school
(3) When there is a suspension of payment for oneself, when insolvency occurs, when there is a petition for bankruptcy proceedings, civil rehabilitation proceedings, corporate reorganization proceedings or special liquidation, clearing house When the transaction is suspended, or when a provisional seizure, maintenance seizure or seizure order, or notice is sent with the debtor as the debtor.
(4) When the other party is seriously harmed or damaged
(5) In addition, when there is a considerable reason that it is deemed that this contract cannot be continued.
3. If this contract is canceled based on the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs, the student shall comply with the following.
(1) Immediately return and delete the goods provided by the Association to the Association.
(2) Immediately report to the Association the address, name, contact information, and details of the lessons that have not been taken.
(3) Do not conduct sales or services using the same or similar contents, methods, and systems as the teaching materials of this association and the contents of each lesson.
(4) Do not make a misleading display as if it were an accredited school.
(5) Do not act in violation of this contract.

Article 21 (Prohibited acts)
Students must not perform the acts specified in the following items.
(1) Sales and sales using the same or similar contents, methods, and systems as the teaching materials of this association and the contents of each lesson without the permission of the right to open and operate the accredited school stipulated in Article 4.3. And the act of providing services
(2) Acts of using the personal information of a third party acquired in the process of fulfilling this contract for purposes other than the purpose of fulfilling this contract
(3) Acts that are detrimental to the Association, certified instructors, or third parties due to false accusation, acts that damage honor, credibility, or image, or other acts that violate laws and regulations or public order and morals.
(4) It may lead to or may lead to crimes such as fraud.
(5) Acts for the purpose of profit or preparation for other students and other acts prohibited by the Association.
(6) Acts of recording, recording or taking pictures of this course without the prior permission of the Association.
(7) Website / Blog / SNS (Instagram /
Twitter ㆍ Facebook ㆍ LINE ㆍ YouTube etc.), places other than the place of attendance, appearance of the building of the place of attendance, place of attendance, lecturer and personal information and details of this course contents (technique, recipe, technical) Acts of posting videos, etc.).

(9) Other acts that the Association deems inappropriate as a certified instructor
2. If the Association determines that the act specified in the preceding paragraph is being performed, the Association will cancel this contract without giving any notice to the certified instructor, claim compensation for damages, suspend or correct the act, etc. You can give the instructions to the students.
3. If the student is instructed to cancel or correct the act specified in the preceding paragraph, he / she shall immediately follow the instruction.

Article 22 (Exclusion of antisocial forces)
The Association and the students express that they do not fall under any of the following items, and represent and warrant that they will not fall under any of the following items in the future.
(1) You or your officer is a member of a gangster, etc.
(2) Having a relationship in which gangsters, etc. are recognized as controlling management
(3) Having a relationship in which gangsters, etc. are deemed to be substantially involved in management
(4) Having a relationship that is recognized as using gangsters, etc., for the purpose of gaining the wrongful profits of oneself or a third party, or for the purpose of damaging a third party.

(5) Having a relationship that is recognized as being involved in providing funds, etc., or providing convenience to the members of the gangsters.
(6) Own officers or persons who are substantially involved in their own management have a relationship that should be socially criticized with gangsters, etc.
2. The Association and the students guarantee that they will not perform any of the following acts by themselves or by using a third party.
(1) Violent demands
(2) Unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibility
(3) Intimidating words and actions or using violence regarding transactions
(4) Disseminating rumors, damaging the credibility of the other party or interfering with the other party's business by using counterfeiting or power.
(5) Other acts equivalent to the preceding items
3. If the other party violates the preceding two paragraphs, the association and the students can immediately cancel this contract without any procedure such as notification or notification.
4. The Association and the students will not be liable for damages to the other party in accordance with the provisions of the front summit.

Article 23 (Compensation for damages)
Students will be required to pay the equivalent amount of the tuition fee as a penalty if they violate any of the provisions of this agreement except as provided in the next paragraph.
2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, Article 19, Paragraph 1, Article 211
If you violate any of the provisions of Article 22 (1) and (2), you will be required to pay 3 million yen as a penalty.
3. The provisions of the preceding two paragraphs do not prevent the Association from paying damages to the students for the excess amount if the amount of damages caused to the Association exceeds the amount of the penalty.

Article 24 (Confidentiality)
Students shall not disclose or leak confidential information to a third party beyond the scope necessary for the operation of the instructor. In addition, when disclosing confidential information to a third party, this article imposes an obligation equivalent to the obligation that the third party bears, and shall be responsible for the actions of the third party.

Article 25 (separability)
The invalidity of any provision of these Terms shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.

Article 26 (Agreement jurisdiction)
In the event of a judicial dispute regarding this Agreement or this Agreement, the court having jurisdiction over the location of the Association shall be the court of jurisdiction.

Article 27 (Consultation resolution)
Any doubts arising from the interpretation of this agreement or other matters or matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be resolved after mutual consultation in good faith by both parties to the contract.

Article 28 (Governing Law)
The establishment, effect, interpretation and performance of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Updated April 1, 2022

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