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Sustainable our vision

Global environment and responsibility

Organic, fair trade, reuse.

The person who makes it and the person who uses it are also responsible. We want to use our limited resources without waste. We will work as a member of a circulating society by choosing and using things that are kind to the body and the earth.

Women's success and job satisfaction

There is a possibility that a person has individuality.

Your experience and knowledge are unique. We support you who can play an active role by making the most of each individuality. Our goal is to continue as a life work throughout our lives


Participating in a smart life project

The Smart Life Project is a project run by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to support the health promotion of the people. Four pillars of diet, exercise, health, and smoking cessation Since 2016, we have been actively participating.

Achieve SGDs in  partnership

Creating new things beyond various fields and barriers

Set by the association​ After clearing the rules, collaboration with various fields to expand the possibilities. To achieve sustainable goals that are friendly to people and the earth

Our thoughts and philosophies



Earth-friendly way of life

Do not overdo it, and live your own way

Recognize each individuality

Supporting the success of women


We are aiming for such sustainable management.



Representative Director Chihide Ando


Technology improvement of raw sweets and raw chocolate

By increasing the social value of raw sweets and raw chocolate, we aim to enable skilled workers to play an active role in a wide range of fields, leading to sustainable social contributions.

Guideline (instruction policy) GUIDELINE

value individuality

In order to respond to various environments such as food handicap, physical handicap, gender freedom, identity, etc., the leaders themselves will also change their awareness so that they can constantly evolve. In addition to teaching knowledge and skills, we will try to provide careful guidance that approaches each person.


By creating an environment where you can systematize and learn the knowledge and skills of raw sweets and raw chocolate, we aim to raise the level of knowledge and skills.


We aim to nurture the next generation based on our sustainable vision. We will promote the program more smoothly and accurately so that each person can play an active role.

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