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Raw chocolate meister
Raw Chocolate Meister Course

Both online and face-to-face

You can even become a teacher!


Raw Chocolate Meister Course

Learned at the Raw Chocolatier Association specializing in raw chocolateRaw Chocolate Meister Course. This class specializes in raw chocolate using raw sweets techniques.

You can start without any knowledge of roast sweets.

​Enriched Oriwith original text and recipesolid from the ground uplearningapplication, developmentProceed to From beginner to advanced, even in a minimum of 2 daysYou can learn.

- step up -

If you want to become a lecturer or you can sell

Raw Chocolate Meister Course

5 features


Feature 1

original text

The text is filled with the know-how of making raw chocolate, such as the history of raw chocolate, the nutrients of raw chocolate, and the mechanism of tempering.

Feature 2


Since the class is small, the instructor will guide you carefully. Raw chocolate and 111111111 Tempering is very important especially in making high quality raw chocolate. Learn tips, points, and techniques.



Feature 3

chocolate recipe

More than 30 recipes are posted to enjoy raw chocolate. Fully enjoy cacao, such as ice cream and drinks


Feature 4

to design

​ Not only learning the basics, but full of ideas that can be arranged more and more! After taking the course, you will be able to create your own original recipes.

IMG_0312 2.JPG

Feature 5

Healthy & Beauty

Ingredients used include cacao, as well as nuts and superfoods, which are said to be edible serums. Eating sustainable health (healthy & beauty) “raw chocolate” is fashion! Create stylish and beautiful chocolate

3-step curriculum





Beginner course (basic)



IMG_0312 2_edited_edited.jpg

Intermediate course (applied)




Advanced Course (Advanced)

Beginner course (basic)

Purpose of the course: To be able to understand and make the basics of raw chocolate. Understand tempering. Nutrition from the history of chocolate. About the tools and materials for making chocolate.

​Recipes to learn

basic raw chocolate

Palais (flower chocolate and other arrangements)

chocolate covered fruit

spicy chocolate


​ ~Recipe attached~

amando chocolat


​Plant-based milk

IMG_7208 2.JPG

Intermediate course (applied)

Purpose of the course: To be able to make basic white chocolate and arrange (apply) it. We will focus on learning how to make nuts and paste nut butter.

recipes to learn

white chocolate

Colorful chocolates (mermaids and earth chocolates published in magazines, etc.)

Janduya (Technique to make with raw materials)

Pave de Genève (raw chocolate)

chocolate truffle

​Raw caramel (medicinal caramel)

​ etc.

IMG_9204 2.JPG

Advanced Course (Advanced)

Purpose of the course; You can make advanced chocolate such as application of basic raw chocolate and ganache and bonbon chocolate.

recipes to learn

Bon Bon Chocolat

variety of ganache(Substitute technique to make with Raw material)

15 minutes expiration date chocolate

chocolate fudge

〜Attached recipe〜

cashew butter

Raw Nutella

almond butter

pistachio butter

medicinal butter

rum raisin jam

spilled plum butter

hemp putter

​Raw Salted Caramel Sauce

Matcha & Spirulina Chocolate Fudge

strawberry chocolate fudge

​Cosmo Chocolate Fudge

vanilla extract

chocolate extract

​coffee extract


how to learn

Both face-to-face and online are available!

The learning of the Low Chocolatier Association is full of diversity.

Examples of face-to-face learning

Plan A 3-day course Lecture → Practical training 11:00-15:30

Plan B​ 2-day course Lectures online in advance Practice 11:00-16:30


Plan C 3-day course Orientation (about 10 minutes by phone or zoom, such as explanation of materials) → Classroom about 1 hour

→Practice 11:00-15:30 (Common for 3 days)

Plan D2-day course Orientation and lecture (Explanation of materials and lecture about 1.5 hours at zoom) → Practical training11:00-16:30 (Common for 2 days)


In addition, please feel free to contact us as we will consult with you as much as possible about the start time.

Raw Chocolate Meister 3 Steps

Tuition fee 46,000 yen (excluding tax)

In the case of 3 steps, we have prepared a text (booklet).
If you take them separately, you can purchase them separately at the last advanced class.

What you can learn in this lesson

Effects obtained in 3-step lessons

  • Learn from the basics of raw chocolate to its application, further development, and classroom lectures

  • You can learn how to select materials, tips on how to make them, and what to do if you make a mistake.

  • You will be able to make chocolates that can be given to people

  • ​ Become a person who can convey the wonderfulness of raw chocolate

  • You will be able to learn and practice organic, fair trade, and sustainable.

  • Learn more with the original text

Raw chocolate meister Certified instructor
​ Raw Chocolate Meister Certified Instructor Course

Click here for those who are aiming for a low chocolatier, those who already have a classroom, those who want to teach from now on, those who want to shop or sell (license)






課題提出 (全3回)



講座と同時申し込みの場合 →認定料70,000円(税込77,000円)




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