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Raw pathisie
Low pastry chef course

Learn the cosmetics "low sweets" to eat

Lo Sweets Planner Course

Basic (basic course)
Advance (application / development)
​ It consists of two classes.

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I like sweets that are kind to the body

The sweeteners and other ingredients used in Lo Sweets are plant-based, which is kind to the body. Immediately after the beginner's lesson, you will be able to freely make it to your liking.

I want to learn properly

There are various recipes and recipes in books and the Internet, but we will give lectures on how to make them and the causes of failures based on our knowledge and experience.

I want to make something with a high beauty effect

​It is a chemical substance contained in plants called colorful phytochemicals, and it also approaches anti-aging to eat.

I want children and family loved ones to eat

Safety and security are commonplace! You will also learn how to choose fair trade and organic, and natural coloring.

I want to take a lesson on low sweets

Basic course Furthermore, if you finish the instructor course after taking any two or more of the advanced courses, you can take the basic course. All lessons are possible as a low pastry chef in all cases of all 4 advanced frames.

I want to sell low sweets

Many people sell it at stores and online shops.

Raw sweets planner basic
Lo Sweets Planner Basic

Learn the cosmetics "low sweets" to eat

STEP.1 Basic course

Basic course of low sweets

The theme is "cosmetics to eat "

6 recipes to learn

・ Basic raw chocolate cake

・ Basic low cheesecake (two-layer cake or fruit decoration)

・ Basic raw chocolate

・ Basic plant-based milk (almond milk or cashew milk or oat milk)

・ Taiwan-born AIYU pudding (Matcha and spirulina chilled pudding or black sesame chilled pudding)

・ Raw brownie

Basic tuition fee Tuition fee 51,000 yen (tax excluded) (text fee included)

Benefits of this lesson

  • Even beginners will be able to make roast sweets immediately, such as the basics of roast sweets, how to use tools and materials, and the effects of roast sweets.

  • We will deepen our understanding by conducting classroom lectures and practical training with the original textbook.

  • In addition, you can learn how to select materials, tips on how to make them, and what to do if you make a mistake.

  • You will be able to make low sweets that can be presented to people​

Lo Sweets Planner Basic Course

Tuition fee 51,000 yen (text fee included) (excluding tax)


IMG_4561 2.JPG

Raw sweets planner advance
Lo Sweets Planner Advance

Learn unbaked pastry

STEP.2 Advanced course

Only for beginners​​

Application and development course of raw chocolate 
The theme is "baked confectionery that does not bake"
The advanced course consists of 4 courses (4 frames). You can take an instructor course and start a basic course by acquiring 2 frames. You can get a low pastry chef by taking 4 classes and start all the low sweets planner courses.

"Cake that hardens without using coconut oil"-

California cheesecake 

Pumpkin cake ― *

Ice cream and sorbet

Charcoal and Lina Blue Ice *

Fruit sorbet *

(* Change depending on the season)


"Low cake made without chilling"

Raw pancakes 

Raw roll cake ― *

"Basic cookies" 

Coconut salt cookie

Amand cookie 

Lemon crunch 

Chocolate crunch 

Coconut whipped


White chocolate and colorful chocolate 

Poppy seed cake 

Cranberry and goji berry burger cake *

Raw Stollen *


"Cream squeeze" squeeze using a mouthpiece and catch

Almond whipped *

Chocolate glaze

"Non-baked sponge cake"


Devil's food cake