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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by chat or email.


What is raw chocolate?

A. Category of sweets of raw food (Raw = raw, Food = food). In general, the advantage of raw food is that the enzymes and nutrients can be eaten whole. In the case of roast sweets, we often use superfoods such as nuts and cacao. Therefore, guilt-free sweets that are very good for beauty and health.

​Especially raw chocolate is also a fermented food. The health and nutritional effects of cacao are also attracting attention in the medical community.


What can a Raw Chocolate Meister learn?

In the beginner's class, you will learn not only techniques such as basic chocolate making and tempering, but also its mechanism, the origin of chocolate, ingredients for making chocolate, nutrition, etc. Intermediate level makes white chocolate, truffles, raw chocolate​. At the advanced level, you will learn about various ganaches. We will make various ganaches with plant base & raw so that you can create original chocolate, chocolate with a shelf life of 15 minutes, and chocolate fudge.


What is a raw chocolatier?

A. A raw chocolatier is a person who has mastered a field that specializes in raw chocolate from among the raw pastry chefs who are professionals in raw sweets.



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