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Raw Chocolate Meister Advanced

Online lesson guide

This is a guide for you to take the lesson with confidence about the tools and materials used in the online lesson. Please be prepared as you will need it to make it easily by yourself in the future.


Meet The Team

Lesson flow
Lesson flow

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[Zoom plug-in download, etc.]

Since zoom is used, please prepare so that it can be played on a tablet or PC.


[Let's check the materials and tools before the lesson]

Let's start preparing together. Weigh ingredients and prepare pots, bowls, toppings and more.


[Basic bonbon chocolate]

This time I will make caramel and put it in the bonbon chocolate. The melting taste is delicious. You can use any mold you like. If possible, a circle, square, heart, etc. that is easy to put inside is good.


[Nuts butter]

Make butter using cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, etc. We will send you a sample online.

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[Learn classroom lectures]

Learn the lecture while watching the text you send. Learn about tempering and cacao.


[Pour shaping]

Pour it into a mold or bat, or attach it to fruit.

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[Caramel sauce]

Make caramel using dates. Arrangement of salted caramel is also OK


[Chocolate Fudge / Coconut Fudge] ​​

Make two kinds of chocolate and coconut. Please prepare almonds, walnuts, coconuts, etc. for each topping. We recommend freeze-dried strawberries to make them delicious.

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